Employee Appreciation Day Gifts

March 1st 2024 is Employee Appreciation Day - a wonderful opportunity to highlight your Organisation's successes and to celebrate and thank your teams and employees for all their hard work and commitment throughout the year.

Promoting a positive culture through recognising and rewarding employees can have such a positive impact on the happiness of individuals and boost team morale, which in turn creates a more productive and loyal workforce. 

Whether your team and office or home based, why not show them just how much you value and appreciate them by sending them a thoughtfully chosen Box of Hugs gift box. Below are just some of our lovely Ready-Made gift box options you could choose from. Alternatively, you can choose to 'Build Your Own' Box of Hugs gift box.

If you’d like to order our lovely gift boxes for more than one person please contact Lucy at team@boxofhugs.co.uk who will manage this for you.

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