Thank You Teacher - Teacher End Of Year Gifts 2024

Thank You Teacher 2024

Another academic year is coming to a close and many of us - whilst planning for the Summer Holidays - are thinking about what gifts to buy the Tutors, Teachers and Teaching Assistants who have taught and looked after our little ones over the past year. If you're looking for something a bit different, look no further - we've got some lovely and thoughtful gift ideas to make sure this is an end of year gift they'll remember. Select a 'Ready-made' thank you teacher gift box, or choose your own gifts from our wide range of chocolate, sweets, drinks, books, pampering treats, gifts they can keep and much much more with our 'Build your Own' option. A Box of Hugs is a great way of saying 'Thank you' or - if you're clubbing together as a class or year-group - of saying 'Thank you Teacher - from all of us'. Have your Box of Hugs gift box delivered to you ready to hand to them at the end of term, or have it sent straight to their classroom as an extra special surprise. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Thank You Teacher gift ideas - from me

Choose one of our 'Ready-made' gift boxes or 'Build your Own' Box of Hugs - perfect for saying 'Thank you' to a Teacher, Lecturer or Teaching-Assistant who has been amazing, or who has gone above and beyond to help you and/or your little one this year.  

Thank You Teacher Gift From Me Ideas

Thank You Teacher gift ideas - from us

If a few of you are clubbing together to buy a gift for your Teacher, Tutor or Teaching-Assistant, we've got some ideal gift ideas for you. Select a 'Ready-made' Box of Hugs or choose items yourselves with our 'Build your Own' option for a more personal touch. Here are just some of the gifts you could choose from:   

Thank You Teacher Gifts Group Gifts

Thank You Teacher gift ideas - from All of us

Our Super-sized Box of Hugs options are perfect if you are clubbing together as a Class or School Year to buy gifts for your Teachers, or if you're looking for a gift box for a group of Teachers, Teaching Assistants or Tutors to share. Here are some of our 'Ready-made' super-sized gift box options. Alternatively, select an 'Extra Large' box in our 'Build Your Own' section and fill it with treats you know they will ALL appreciate.    

Thank You Teacher Gift Hampers From The Whole Class

Thank you to all the wonderful Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Tutors, Support Staff and everyone else who has been teaching and looking after us and our kids this year - remember....

Thank You Teacher Gift Ideas 2024


We wish you all a wonderful Summer Holiday.

Love and Hugs

Lucy, Anna and Sophie

Box of Hugs Founders and sisters



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