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We are super excited to be launching our new Box of Hugs '24 Hugs of Advent' Luxury Advent Calendar 2023 - designed especially for the girls, girlfriends and women in your life. Our wonderful Advent Calendar is full of beautiful gifts to treat her from the 1st December right through to Christmas Day and is a great way to let her know just how much she is cared for and loved. Pre-order your Advent Calendars now and select 'Advent Delivery' at checkout. We'll pack up and send your Advent Calendar right to their door with a 'Save Me For 1st December' sticker on in time for them to start their 24 Hugs of Advent Experience. Want to know more? See below for a sneak preview of some examples of the types of lovely gifts that will be included and also for 5 (or 6!) great reasons to PRE-ORDER your Box of Hugs Advent Calendars NOW :-). 

Full of the excitement of Christmas, here are just 5 excellent reasons why someone you love might deserve a beautiful Box of Hugs Luxury Advent Calendar full of treats this year:

1. you think she/they could benefit from a much needed boost in the lead up to Christmas

    • maybe a friend or loved one has had a tough year, is going through a challenging time or has simply not been themselves for a while
A Box of Hugs Advent Calendar is a great way to let a friend or loved one know you're thinking of them, you're there for them and to give them a real hug boost every day in the lead up to Christmas.

2. so they can count down the days until you can be together at Christmas 

    • maybe you work or live abroad, or far away and can't be with a friend or loved one until Christmas
    • or your daughter/friend/niece has been at University or away at College or for a job and you haven't seen them for ages
Whether it's your mum, your nan, your sister or your friend, this beautiful Advent Calendar is a great way of letting them know just how much you miss them and just how much you're looking forward to seeing them at Christmas.

3. to treat the women or girls in your life and thank them for everything they do or let them know just how much you appreciate them

    • maybe they've been looking after you, your kids or your family and friends so much over the year that they've been neglecting themselves and you think it's time they got looked after in return
    • or maybe they're busy juggling everyday life alongside buying, wrapping, ordering and preparing everything so that you'll all have a wonderful Christmas and you think they deserve a treat to keep them going. 
A Box of Hugs calendar is full of surprise treats to make them feel appreciated and cared for every day in the lead up to Christmas

4. as a build up to something special you've got planned for them for Christmas...

    • maybe you're planning on proposing to them around Christmas or even on Christmas Day
    • or you're planning a big reunion, family celebration, special occasion or surprise
These Advent Calendars are a perfect way build up a sense of anticipation and excitement as the special day approaches :-)

5. because you know that Christmas is a difficult time of year for someone you love or care for and you can't be there to give them a big hug in person every day 

      • maybe they're on their own or have sad or painful memories associated with the Christmas season
    This calendar is a lovely way of giving them a hug and letting them know you're thinking of them and you're there for them every single day of Advent and beyond.

    And we'll add a 6th reason - as we believe that YOU deserve a lovely calendar too. So why not treat yourself to a luxury 24 Hugs of Advent this year and remind yourself every day just how much you value and appreciate who you are, what you've been through, everything you do on a daily basis and for simply BEING YOU

    (And... because we're filling the Advent Calendar with things we would love to receive ourselves, we know that even if there are gifts that you're not so keen on, you'll always know someone else who will love them and you can pass them on with loads of love and hugs :-)). 

    But - we hear you asking - what exactly would we be sending/ receiving?

    You or your lucky recipient will be receiving one of our special Advent Hug Boxes containing 24 individually wrapped and numbered gifts - one to open on each day of Advent. Every daily treat has been carefully handpicked with small businesses, gifts that give back, sustainability, great brands and and true quality in mind. The gift are all things that we would love to receive ourselves including edible treats, pampering treats, festive gifts and so much more. 

    You can also select whether you want the Luxury Advent Calendar to include Alcoholic treats (such as cocktails) or to be Alcohol-free.  

    What we'll be doing for you:

    First: we'll hand wrap each individual gift - one for each day of Advent. After all, who doesn't love the excitement of seeing and unwrapping a surprise gift :-)

    Second: we'll pack your 24 gifts into one of our specially designed '24 Hugs of Advent' Calendar Boxes

    Third: we'll add a Card with your personalised message inside

    Fourth: we'll carefully package the Advent Calendar gift box up and send it direct to your recipient in good time for them to start opening on the 1st December.

    Luxury Advent Calendar Spoiler Alert - if you don't want to see a preview of some of the types of gifts you'll be sending/receiving in your 24 Days of Advent Gift Box, look no further!

    Here is a sneak peak at some of just some of the types of lovely gifts that will be included in your Luxury 24 Hugs of Advent Calendar this year:


    24 Hugs of Christmas Advent Calendar Preview

    If you have any questions or would like any more information please contact us.

    Advent Quote 2023


    Love and Hugs

    Lucy, Anna and Sophie

    Box of Hugs Founders and sisters

    P.s. please contact us if you would like to send our 24 Days of Advent Luxury Calendar to several individual addresses or for volume orders.

    P.p.s as this is a limited addition calendar, once they're gone they're gone. To ensure you don't miss out - order yours TODAY :-)



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