Good Luck In Your Exams Gift Ideas

Good Luck In Exams Gift Ideas
Ooh exams, we expect that you all have memories of how you felt about revising and going into your exams. The tense build up, the excitement of having ‘study periods’ instead of lessons and then the anxiety and anticipation of turning over the exam paper and finding out whether you’d revised enough.
We still have memories of the smell of the exam hall, the room so quiet that you could hear a pen drop and the tick tick tick of the clock counting away the seconds. Exams are possibly very different today but we anticipate that - as the time for GCSE, ‘A’ Level and Degree exams rapidly approaches - students will still be experiencing a mixture of pressure, stress, anticipation and anxiety, along with a mixture of high hopes, dread and expectation.


So, today we’re going to focus on gifts for exams - to say good luck in your exams, keep going with your revision, you’ve got this.

They’ve come through a lot to get here - from lockdowns, homeschooling, online classes, self-led study, interrupted learning, covid testing, covid and wearing face masks in school. What a very strange time to be a student.

We think they deserve a treat to keep them going and anticipate that you will think so too. So, we’ve looked through our gift selection at Box of Hugs and put together our top 10 gift ideas which could be included in a ‘Build Your Own’ Box of Hugs to send to your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, friends or anyone else who has exams coming up. Whether you want to put together a Revision Support Pack, Exam Survival Pack, a Good Luck in Your Exams gift box, a You’ve Got This gift box or something else for them, we think we’ve got you covered.

Our top 10 gift ideas to say good luck  (…in no particular order):



- who doesn’t love sweets. If we were putting a box together for ourselves or for our kids we’d definitely be including sweets.

Include Sweets In Your Good Luck Gift Box


- another must in our books . Choose from our lovely selection of chocolate bars to suit all tastes including a vegan option.

Include Chocolate In Your Good Luck Gift Box


- we can’t put a box together for our family and friends without adding biscuits. Packs of biscuits are great to share with a study group too. We love Cartwright & Butler biscuits but there's lots of choice.

Include Biscuits In Your good Luck Gift Box


- we love cheese biscuits so we think that adding cheese straws or crackers to a gift box brings a delicious savoury twist.

Include something savoury in your Good Luck Gift Box


- studying and revising requires something soothing to wind down at the end of the day, choose from tea, coffee, hot chocolate, how about a bottle of fizz to enjoy once the exams are over? Add a mug for an extra hug.

Include tea, coffee or hot chocolate in your good luck gift box


- something not too unhealthy to nibble on while they concentrate on their revision.
Include Popcorn in your good luck gift box


- to keep track of their studies and ideas or to write out their worries.

Include a notebook and pens in your goof luck exam gift box


- a wooden pocket token that they can carry with them as a reminder that you believe in them, a coaster to carry the endless cups of tea they might be needing right now or some daily ‘You’ve Got This’ inspirational quote cards.

You've got this gift box ideas


– Include ‘a little wish just for you’ bracelet, worry crystals or a ‘dream believe achieve’ bracelet - a gift to help them believe in themselves
Good luck wish bracelets in exam gift box


- they can heat this lovely Warmies soft animal up when they need a warm hug to get them through. Perfect when you can’t be there to give them a hug yourself. 

Include a Warmies teddy in your Good Luck Gift

So what will you choose to send? Can’t decide? Why not buy two Boxes - one to send to them now to encourage them with their revision and one to send when their exams start. Simply:

1. Select two Box of Hugs gifts from our ‘ready made’ collections OR
2. Put together two Box of Hugs from our ‘build your own’ selection

At checkout:

1. Select a card for each box
2. Add your message for each box with a note to us to say which message is to go with which box.
3. Add a note to say when you want each box to be sent.

We’ll then pack your boxes and send them out for you. If you have any questions please contact us here.

Wishing everyone good luck in their exams

With love and hugs

Lucy, Anna and Sophie,
The Box of Hugs founders and sisters.

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