Uplifting Gift Boxes To Put A Spring In Their Step - And In Yours Too

It may not feel like it on a gloomy rainy day, but Spring is on it's way :-). The daffodils and tulips are out, the trees are beginning to bloom and all around us are signs of nature starting to wake up after a long Winter. The Spring equinox has now been and gone, the clocks have gone forward bringing us lighter evenings and we think it's a perfect time to stretch, uncurl, feel inspired and for new beginnings :-). Here are three ways to welcome the new Spring energy in, along with some lovely and uplifting gift ideas to treat your family and friends this Spring whatever the occasion. Whether it's a Birthday gift, a celebration gift or simply a 'I'm thinking of you' gift, 'you're amazing' gift, 'I miss you' gift or 'you've got this' gift we're sure we've got something they'll love. 

Wake up to Spring

Shake off the cold, dark, wet days of Winter and welcome the new, warmer, lighter Spring energy into your life, work and home. Here are three simple ideas to try - let Spring inspire and uplift you. 

1. Go outside, stretch and let your face be warmed by the sun

If you've ever watched a dog stretch out and yawn, you'll know why stretches like the Downward Facing Dog and Puppy Pose are so popular. Even imagining this, you may find your body wanting to involuntarily stretch out fully and sigh as it releases tension it has been holding onto over the Winter months. With the lighter days of Spring, and promises of warmer days coming, get outside or stand by a window, look up, enjoy the Spring sun on your face and stretch out as much as you can. Enjoy the sensation of tension leaving your body and let the Spring days fill you with renewed sense of energy and well-being.

2. Have a clear out or move things around your home or office

Spring cleaning is a great way to shift the energy in your home or office, to get those piles of papers and tasks off your ongoing 'to do' list and to create space for new things to come in. Have fun doing it - get your kids or partner's involved, or create time for yourself, grab your favourite drink, put on your favourite songs or artists, throw open the window's to let the winter energy out and the renewing Spring energy in, and get stuck in. It's amazing how clearing out and moving things around can leave you feeling more energised and inspired and you never know what amazing things might come in when you create the energy and space for them :-)   

3. Review your New Year's goals or make new ones :-)

Are you someone who makes New Years Resolutions and then loses momentum quite soon afterwards, or have you achieved all of the goals you set already or have you lost interest in the initial goals and resolutions you set for yourself? Losing momentum on your dreams and goals can feel quite demoralising but with the new life and energy that Spring brings, why not take this opportunity to review your goals, plans and dreams for the year ahead. Are there any you could let go of? Any which feel heavy or more like 'shoulds' rather than 'want to's? Which ones make you feel energised, inspired and uplifted when you imagine them? How could you bring more of these into your daily life? Maybe writing them down in a special journal, or putting a mood board or wish box together could help. Get creative, find what works for you, immerse yourself in your dreams and wishes and let the Spring energy fill them with promise and possibility. Then take one small action step at a time towards them - who know what you could achieve next :-). 

Gifts to re-awaken, uplift and inspire this Spring

If you're looking for gifts to send to re-awaken, uplift and inspire your friends and loved ones too this Spring, check out our lovely range of 'Ready-made' Box of Hugs gifts or why not tailor-make a gift box especially for them with our 'Build your Own' option. 

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'Ready-made' Box of Hugs Gift Box Ideas

Take a look at our lovely 'Ready-made' Box of Hugs gift collection - designed to put a big smile on their face and a bounce in their step. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

'Build your Own' Box of Hugs gift 

Or why not 'Build your Own' Box of Hugs - a great way to tailor-make a gift box to send to someone special in your life. Simply select a box and card, then choose your gifts from our wide range. Here is just a small selection of the lovely gifts your could choose from and great ways to inspire, uplift, awaken their senses and deliver your big hugs to friends and family this Spring.

A wide selection of Tea's, drinks and delicious edible treats to make their mouth water including:

A lovely range of Pampering Treats for Head to Toe - gifts to nourish, soothe and awaken their body and their senses - including: 

A wide selection of thoughtful and uplifting gifts - to uplift, inspire and remind them just how special they are and how much you love them - including:


There are so many great ways to feel more uplifted and inspired and to create the life you want, so find the ones that work for you - the ones that bring a smile to your lips and put a Spring in your step - and invite your friends and loved ones to do the same :-)

Love and Hugs

Lucy, Anna and Sophie

Box of Hugs Founders and sisters







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