Father's Day Gift Box Ideas

Happy Father’s Day - A Gift Guide For Fabulous Dads and Father-figures Everywhere

Father's Day Gift Box Guide

Father's Day Ready-Made Box of Hugs Gift Ideas

See below for some of our 'Ready Made Box of Hugs' gift ideas for Father's Day.

Spring is well and truly in the air and there are signs of new life everywhere. Seeing this father goose standing proud and protective over his precious baby goslings got us thinking about Father’s Day - which is on Sunday 19th June this year. Back in March we packed and sent your thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts with their lovely messages of love and appreciation. Now, it’s time to celebrate dads and father-figures everywhere - as well as remembering those who are no longer with us. Father’s Day is a great time to reflect on and acknowledge the role your dad or father-figure plays and/or has played in your life and to say thank you with a lovely Father’s Day gift from Box of Hugs. These gifts are also great for birthdays, thank you’s, get well soon, thinking of you, ‘just because…’, and for most occasions really. 

What does your dad mean to you?

We think it’s safe to say that our dad was the softer touch, the one we went to when we’d been told off by mum who had the (not so) easy task of looking after 5 of us and taking on the role of rule enforcer most of the time. The ‘wait until your dad gets home’ threat didn’t really work for us but then we were great kids so she didn’t need to use it anyway...
Like many other dad's, our dad was often away working during the week when we were really young. Whilst mum excelled at the cooking and baking side of things, made all our school play outfits, took us to after school activities and generally looked after us, our childhood memories of dad are more playful. They include him taking us to rugby or cricket matches with him at the village club - giving mum a well earned break - feeding us panda pops, peanuts and scampi fries in the clubhouse, sounds of the motor racing or other sport on TV on Sundays, taking us to the local fairs and coming home with goldfish in plastic bags, cooking his famous honey basted chicken on the BBQ come rain or shine. 

As we grew up he’d take us to our hockey or rounders matches, drive us back to school or Uni, and offered us our first alcoholic drink (we think he liked the company and thought it was easier to keep an eye on us that way). Now we’re grown up he continues to be extremely generous with his time and money. He loves a bargain so if there’s a deal to be found, he’ll buy 6 and is always the one who arrives with tonnes of chocolate and snacks after he’s been away on holiday or when he comes to visit, along with a boot full of booze. He dreams big, is competitive at cards and we and our kids love going out fishing with him. He has had a big impact on us and the lives of our families, so Father’s Day is an important day for us. That’s before we even get to our fathers-in-law and our husbands and partners who are now great dad’s, grandads and uncles themselves. We love you all and thank you all for being so wonderful.

What role did/does your dad or father-figure play in your life, your kids and family lives? Maybe he is or was the rule enforcer, the distant parent, the easy touch, your confidante - the person you always turn to for advice or for comfort - the person you look up to, or maybe even your role model. Maybe your dad was absent but you have or had a wonderful step-dad, foster dad, grandfather or other father-figure in your life. Whatever and whoever they are or were, we’re sure they have and/or had a profound impact on who you are and on your life and we invite you all to celebrate them this Father’s Day with a Box of Hugs.

Whether you’re a flight away or just down the road and whether this is their 1st or 80th Father’s Day - sending a Box of Hugs is a great way to let your dad or father-figure know how much you appreciate them and how much they mean to you. Simply choose the Father’s Day option at checkout and we’ll get your Box of Hugs packed and delivered in time for Father’s Day. 

Here Are Some Great Gift Ideas From Our Father's Day 'Ready-made Box of Hugs' Selection

For The Food And/Or Drink Lover

Father's Day Box of Hugs Gifts
Cheers to You Box of Hugs: with a can of craft lager, IPA and Pale Ale from Toast, a chunky Tony’s milk chocolate bar and Filberts honey and peppercorn mixed nuts, what’s not to like!

A Hug Box Full of Treats: one for the chocolate lover! One of our most popular options, this truly is a box full of treats with cheese straws, red onion chutney, salted caramel brownie, caramel shortcake, tea and the very moorish chocolate tiffin traybake and chocolate shards with fudge pieces - truly delicious. 

For The Book Or Puzzle Lover

Father's Day Box of Hugs Gifts

Does your dad/fathers-figure love books or puzzles? Why not opt for one of these ready made gift boxes.

A Good Book And A Cuppa Box of Hugs: choose a book and a mug to compete this lovely gift containing a milk chocolate bar, triple chocolate biscuit twin pack, fudge, and Teapigs tea . 

The Brain Boost Box of Hugs: get their brain buzzing with these Boost Your Brain cards. Coffee bags, Teapigs Tea, Lemon Shortbread Biscuits and a Chocolate Brownie Tray Bake complete this lovely gift.

The Great British Puzzle Book Box of Hugs: 
your dad/father-figure can take some time out with this puzzle book. A bird pencil, bone china You're A Star mug, Teapigs and delicious Chocolate Chunk Biscuits make this an ideal gift for a relaxing morning tea break treat. 

Songbirds Time for Yourself Box of Hugs: this 500 piece jigsaw puzzle will keep your dad/father-figure busy for a couple of hours, whilst they enjoy these tasty lemony shortbread biscuits and a cup of Teapigs tea. They really can take time to watch the flowers grow with the addition of a wildflower seedbomb and they’ll remember you whenever they use this lovely bird pencil. Or why not make it a family affair and complete the jigsaw together over a cup of tea and a catch up.

For the Dad/Father-Figure who Loves a Bit of Pampering

Father's Day Box of Hugs Gifts

With these great options, your dad/father-figure can enjoy a mug of tea or coffee in your choice of mug alongside some melt-in-the-mouth chocolate shards with biscuit and fudge pieces - yum, these really are delicious. Opt for the:

So Glad You’re Mine Hug in a Box: with a Mr Perfect soap and body wash
Gifts for Him Box of Hugs: with a Barber-pro Skin Revival Kit for men for a facial pampering experience.

Create Your Own Box of Hugs

For a more personalised gift, why not choose to 'Create Your Own Box of Hugs'. With so many lovely items to choose from, it's a wonderful way to surprise your dad/father-figure this Father's Day. Simply select a box, a card and the gifts you want added, write your message and select 'Father's Day Delivery' at checkout and we'll do the rest. And, if you want to supersize your gift, select the extra large box option which is the best way to showcase 6 or more of our larger items.

Wishing you all a very Happy Father's Day

With love and hugs

The Box of Hugs Team


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