Great Gift Ideas For Employee Appreciation Day 2024

Employee Appreciation Day 2024

Friday March 1st 2024 is Employee Appreciation Day - a wonderful opportunity to highlight your Organisation's successes and to celebrate and thank your teams and employees for all their hard work and commitment throughout the year. This year, after another challenging Winter, why not show your teams and employees just how much you value and appreciate them by sending them a thoughtfully chosen Box of Hugs gift box or hamper. Below are just some of our lovely Ready-Made gift box options you could choose from. Alternatively, you can choose to 'Build Your Own' Box of Hugs hamper for Employee Appreciation Day 2024.

Why Sending Them A Gift Might Mean More To Them Than Simply Saying Thank You

Have you noticed how it's sometimes easier to focus on what's not going well and what needs to be done, rather than on what's gone well and taking time to celebrate small wins and big successes? It's often not that wins and good work go completely unnoticed - but that in striving for more, better, best we have a tendency to move straight on to the next thing rather than taking a moment to stop, acknowledge and appreciate what we have actually overcome and achieved - individually, as a team or as an organisation. This is why Employee Appreciation Day is so special.

It may be that a little well-timed 'thank you', appreciation and acknowledgement could go a long way in terms of:

  • increased morale and motivation
  • bright ideas and inspiration
  • taking the team/ Organisation forward with you and
  • getting the best out of everyone

A thoughtful word could mean a lot to those you work with and may form a positive basis for further successes in 2024. As Employee Appreciation Day approaches you may already be considering:

  • sending an email or taking a moment to say 'thank you' to someone or to a group who have done a great job, or carried on through a challenging period or change
  • saying 'congratulations' for a job well-done or following a successful project
  • holding a meeting or social event and focussing solely on successes and 'wins' over the past year 

However, sometimes a 'Thank You' gift can be a more immediate and more tangible way of showing your appreciation to your employees.

So, why not show your teams or employees just how much you value and appreciate them this Employee Appreciation Day with a thoughtfully chosen Box of Hugs gift box or hamper. Our lovely gift boxes are also sure to deliver a much needed boost in time for Spring.

Here are just some of our 'Ready-made' Box of Hugs gift ideas to inspire you:

Employee Appreciation Day Gift Ideas 2024


Or, put together your own 'Thank You' hamper from our wide range of gifts with our 'Build Your Own' option.

Build Your Own Employee Appreciation Day Hamper 2024

How To Order Your Gift Boxes For Employee Appreciation Day

If you'd like to send gift boxes to your team and/or employees this Employee Appreciation Day, simply:

  • select a gift box from our 'Ready-made' Box of Hugs collection, OR choose your own gifts from our 'Build Your Own' Box of Hugs section and then:
  • Contact Lucy and the team: at or call 01480 839847 to confirm your order, or to discuss your requirements further

We also offer you options to:

  • select or put together several different gift boxes - e.g. tailored to different groups of employees or teams  
  • choose a Box of Hugs gift box or to have one branded with your own design and/or logo (as a sleeve or as a printed box or bag - subject to time and availability)
  • have all of the gift boxes delivered to your office, or sent to individual addresses 

Whether or not you choose to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day this year, we hope that you will take some time out on March 1st to reflect on your own successes and 'wins' over the past year and to give yourself a well-earned boost too.

Love and hugs

Lucy, Anna and Sophie

Box of Hugs Founders and sisters

P.s. We're here to help with all your corporate gifting requirements, whatever the occasion - from gifts to say 'Thank you' or to celebrate successes, to 'Welcome to the Team' or 'Happy Birthday' gifts. For more help, please contact Lucy and our Corporate Gifts Team. 





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