Corporate Christmas Gift Boxes


Following months of sourcing and planning we are thrilled to be launching our Box of Hugs Autumn/ Winter gift range for 2022. We are really proud of our new collection, which we have themed around comfort and warmth. Here at Box of Hugs, we are all big fans of Autumn and cosy nights in; so it’s been a joy to be testing so many lovely products. We hope you love them as much as we do.  

We appreciate that this Autumn/ Winter may be a difficult one for many individuals and families given the increases in the cost of living and energy prices, but we think that this means that your employees, clients and suppliers may appreciate a lovely and thoughtful seasonal or festive Box of Hugs gift from you even more.

If you are the one who’s responsible for choosing the gifts for your suppliers, clients or employees this Christmas (or you have been kindly nominated to choose!), you may already be feeling slightly daunted at the prospect of finding the time to look for, or to come up with gift ideas. Fear not as we are here for you, and we can help you take this task off your ‘to do’ list. 

Last year we helped several of our customers, just like you, put together lovely corporate festive gift boxes for their staff, clients or suppliers to say Thank You for their hard work throughout the year or to say Happy Christmas/Holiday Season. We're here to help you find just the right gifts for your Organisation - gifts your recipients will appreciate, are within your budget, and that you can feel proud of sending.

To discuss your requirements, contact Lucy at: or call 01480 839847. 

We're here to help make the Festive gifting process easier for you

Why choose us?

We’re a small business, run by three sisters and assisted in our warehouse by our wonderful Ally. We pride ourselves on supporting you through every step of the gifting process - from gift selection right through to delivery - with the aim of making things as easy for you as possible.

We offer:

  • a personal service, with a dedicated contact
  • a wide range of good quality gifts to choose from - and if you can't find what you're looking for, we'll do our best to source it for you
  • lovely re-usable gift boxes, packaged and sent direct to your recipients or to your office in a timely manner
  • branded options including branded gift boxes, sleeves or cards printed for you (for orders of over 30 gift boxes) 
  • excellent customer service at all stages of the process
  • fully tracked delivery service using a reputable courier
  • sustainable gift options so your gifts can also give something back - such as Love Cocoa which plants a tree for every bar of chocolate sold
  • alternative options to cater for dietary requirements i.e vegan, gluten free etc

Who is this service for?

Anyone who is looking to send lovely and thoughtful gift boxes to a group of clients, suppliers or employees. 

Choosing gifts

Choosing gifts for your employees, suppliers or customers can seem an overwhelming and tricky task - finding something they will both appreciate and remember. 

We stock a wide range of gift items to give you plenty to choose from, including the following: 

  • delicious edible and festive treats
  • pampering and wellbeing gifts
  • mugs, tea, coffee and hot chocolate                              
  • inspiring and uplifting gifts
  • books, activity gifts, puzzle books and jigsaws
  • alcohol - including Lager, Ale, Craft Beer, Prosecco and Gin (for recipients over the age of 18)

    Choose Your Gift Boxes From our:

    1. 'Ready Made' Selection: Simply select a box or a couple of different boxes from our 'Ready Made' Box of Hugs selection. Contact us to let us know how many of each you would like and we'll help you do the rest. You can also choose how your gift is packaged, the card and message to include, and how, when and where you would like your gifts delivered.

    Here are some of our 'Ready Made' Box of Hugs from our Christmas Gift Shop that would make great Christmas Gifts:

    1. 'Build Your Own Gift Box' Box of Hugs Section: if you want something more tailored to your employees, clients or suppliers, you can choose your own items to create a more unique gift box. 

    Here are some of our gift items - new for Winter 2022 - that you could include in your  Festive gift boxes:

    Corporate Christmas Gifts 
    1. Tailor-made option: we know that sometimes you are looking for something specific or something a bit different. 

    As we’re busy buying our Christmas stock, now is an ideal time to talk to us about the kinds of gifts or gift boxes you have in mind. We can take your brief and budget and present you with a range of options.

    See our Corporate Gift Boxes section for some of the previous Corporate Gift Boxes we have put together.

    Order times and quantities 

    We can supply as many gift boxes as you need, and have them delivered either to your office or directly to home or work addresses (UK only and subject to availability).

    Christmas is one of our busiest times of year - so the sooner you get in touch with us, the more likely we are to be able to deliver what you want, when you want it.

    If you know what you want or what you're looking for, contact us now to discuss your Christmas and Festive Corporate and Business gifting requirements.

    Contact Lucy at: or on 01480 839847. 

    Corporate and Business Christmas and Festive Gift Buying Guide

    Not sure what you want? Here are some things you may want to consider:

    1. What is your budget per head: remember to include packing and postage, and gift tax if relevant. This will give you a starting point. 
    2. Do you want to link your gifts to your company's values or a business focus? If so, what are your company values or what have you - as an Organisation - been focussing on this year and what kinds of gifts might tie in with those? e.g. 
    • promoting sustainability - many of our suppliers promote sustainability through their packaging choices, ingredient choices or the causes they support and promote
    • fun - games, jigsaws, creative projects, baking gifts?
    • health and wellbeing - facials, feet or hand treats, products to promote sleep or relaxation, mindfulness or inspiration
    • family - games, edible treats  
    • communication - writing pads, pencils or pens, branded gifts?
    1. What do you think your employees, suppliers or customers would value most in a gift? e.g.
    • gifts tailored to them, or for the whole family?
    • edible treats or useful gifts?
    • vouchers so they can choose their own gifts?
    • sustainable gifts?
    • that a charitable donation is included, therefore giving something back. We are proud supporters of the Brain Tumour Charity but we can discuss other options with you. 
    Thinking about these things is often a good place to start - as you will know your employees, customers or suppliers better than we do. 

    1. What would you like to, or not like to receive as a gift? What have you received from organisations you have worked for in the past? What did you value (or not) about these? 
    2. Do you want to include: a bonus, voucher or tickets in the box as an extra surprise?
    3. Do you want to include bespoke and/or branded gift/s? For previous corporate Christmas gift boxes we have sourced family-sized jigsaw puzzles and Christmas Themed Gingerbread Biscuits (including gluten free ones) with icing pens and decorations. Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to source it for you (Minimum order: 30 gift boxes)
    4. How will the gift boxes be given out? Do you want the gifts sent directly to recipients homes or business addresses, or delivered to your own office/s to be placed on desks or handed out personally? This might have implications for the size or weight of gifts you want to include.

    If you haven't bought corporate gifts before, some other things you may want to consider include:

    1. The sign-off process: the sign-off process for the gifts, boxes and cards/messages may include your Procurement or Finance Team, CEO, Senior Managers and/ or anyone else who has the authority to sign the gifting budget and gifts off. Finding out when they are they available, what information they want/need to see and how long the process might take within your organisation can be useful to know upfront. From our experience, there can sometimes be multiple levels of sign-off and it can take weeks or months to get final sign-off.
    2. Delivery: How, when and where you want the gift boxes delivered. Do you want the gift boxes delivered to your office/several offices within the UK, to home addresses (UK only), work addresses or a combination?  (Unfortunately we are currently unable to send gift boxes overseas due to the exporting rules and regulations involved. However, we can get them delivered to your UK office address for you to post on - in line with rules and regulations).
    3. Home addresses and GDPR: If your preference is for gift boxes to be delivered to employee home addresses, we will need your full list of names and addresses at least two weeks before your preferred date for delivery. For GDPR purposes we will assume that you have followed your organisations guidelines with regards to relevant permissions, and we will delete all electronic and hard copies of employee addresses one month after the gift boxes have been sent to the recipients
    4. Lead time for orders. We would ask for:
    • 2-4 weeks notice for orders of 30 boxes or more if you are using our Box of Hugs branded gift boxes and we have the gifts you want in stock
    • 4-6 weeks notice for orders over 30 boxes if you would like us to get branded or personalised boxes, sleeves or cards printed
    1. Payment: You will be invoiced on receipt of your written confirmation for your order. We ask that full payment is received prior to your gifts being sent out.
    1. Cancellations: Once you have confirmed your order in writing, we will reserve/ purchase stock for you and book you into our packing schedule. In the unlikely event you need to cancel, the following charges will apply:
    • Change of date (assuming all stock can still be used): no charge
    • Cancellation notice of more than 2 weeks prior to the delivery date: 50% of the total invoice will be due to cover stock.
    • Cancellation notice of less than 2 weeks prior to the delivery date: 100% of the total invoice will be due.
    1. Gift Tax: it is worth checking the tax rules on gifts for employees with your finance team, particularly if you are looking to spend over £50 per head. 

    We hope that this overview is useful and answers some of your initial questions.

    If you have further questions or would like to discuss your options and how we can help, please contact us.

    We look forward to helping you put together some lovely, thoughtful Festive or Christmas gift boxes that you, your employees, suppliers or customers will love. 

    Love and hugs

    Lucy, Anna and Sophie

    Box of Hugs Founders and sisters

    P.s. We are here for all your other corporate gifting requirements too - including birthday gifts, on-boarding or retirement gifts, thank you, thinking of you or events gift bags or boxes. 


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