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The exams are over - or nearly over - the hard work is done, they've done the best they can and now it's the build up in anticipation to results and Graduation. Why not let them know just how proud you are of them for coming this far with a lovely and thoughtful Box of Hugs to say 'Congratulations - You did it' or 'Happy Graduation'. It's a great way to acknowledge and celebrate their achievement and to mark the end of one stage of their life and the beginning of the next. And... even if things didn't go as well as they hoped for whatever reason..... why not send them a gift to say 'You'll be ok' or 'I'm proud of you anyway'. We have a range of lovely gifts that would make great Graduation gifts for her or for him - for your daughter, son, grandchild, friend, cousin or anyone else who has just made it through their exams. Choose from our 'Ready-made' gift box options or choose your own gifts that you know they will love in our 'Build your Own' section and make this moment a memorable one.   

Whether it's GCSE's, A-Levels or your Degree, the build up to results day and Graduation can come with a mixture of emotions. Questions of 'will I be able to do the A Levels I want to', 'go to the University or College I want to', 'get the job I want to' will now be answered. Some will have done really well - maybe even better than they expected or hoped - and will be moving on to things they'd planned; others may feel disappointed and may need to re-adjust their plans. Whichever situation they find themselves in, here are just 3 ideas of ways to support them - and you! - through results and Graduation time.

1. Celebrate their wins - big and small

Have you noticed that all too often we run from one challenge to another without really taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate what we have learned and achieved in any one situation? We're often too busy looking ahead and miss an incredibly powerful opportunity to learn from where we have been, what we have been through and where we are headed. 

Encourage them to take time to reflect back across their GCSE, A Level or Degree years. Help them recognise:

  • how far they've come
  • all the things they've faced and overcome
  • their positive strengths and qualities and
  • everything they've learned.

Exam results will last a moment, but those learning points could last a lifetime and form a basis for who they are, who they could become and how they cope with life and any challenges that lie ahead.

Whether they've excelled or not done as well as they hoped, help them be in the moment, celebrate their achievements, their differences and who they are. Maybe it's even the start of recognising hidden talents or to taking a path that they'd never previously considered. After all, some of the greatest achievers in life didn't get very far in school and still went on to achieve amazing things. 

2. Graduation Celebrations - acknowledge and celebrate the end of this part of their journey with them

Many students get through exams by focussing on the Graduation Parties ahead - a chance to have fun with their peers, to mark the end of one stage of their life and the beginning of the next. The next stage can seem exciting yet daunting - for you and for them! It can be a time of - often unexpected - mixed-emotions - with growing up, moving on, leaving the security of school, College or University and friends they've known for a long time or shared experiences with.

Let them know that however they're feeling, that's ok, that you've got them and you're here for them and find ways to celebrate and mark the occasion with them - maybe it's cooking their favourite meal, hosting a party for them, giving them a keep-sake gift or simply a great big hug.

Taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate now, may help them celebrate their successes more in the future :-)

3. Get them excited about the potential the future holds and help them (and you) to prepare for the future

Whether they're Graduating from School or University, starting a job, an Apprenticeship, a Graduate role or further study, or they're taking a year out to decide what they want to do next - help them get excited and prepared for it - and help yourself too :-).

For you: It may feel like 'you're losing your baby' or that they don't need you anymore as they run head-long into the excitement of the real world and the potential it offers. Be mindful of how you're feeling and find ways to look after and care for yourself during this transition period too - maybe start making more plans to catch up with friends on the phone or in person, find or do something to treat yourself, start a new hobby, join a club or learn something new. This can be a new start for you too :-)  

For them: Adjusting from years of being a student to being out in the real World can - for some - feel like a much bigger adjustment than they realised too. Gone are the structures, rules and protective boundaries of being a student and here are choices, decisions and responsibilities they may not have had to face before. Letting them know you're there for them and that you've got them, may end up being a bigger gift than they ever realise - chances are, they will still need you many times in the months and years ahead :-). 

As Jay Shetty said in a recent interview with Fearne Cotton for her wonderful Happy Place podcastwhat he'd learned from his mum was:

"Overall it was like, I'm here to catch you" and

"....... the greatest gift she ever could have given me" (Series 19, Episode 8, 13 February 2023)

And - if you're looking for some lovely Congratulations and Graduation Gifts - here are some great ideas to get you started.

Whether it's to say Congratulations on your results or Happy Graduation, here are just some lovely gift ideas to let them know how proud you are of them and to mark this stage in their life. Choose from our 'Ready-made' gift box collection - including:

Or choose your own gifts in our 'Build your Own' section, and tailor make a box full of gifts especially for them that you know they'll love.


Congratulations to you and we hope you enjoy your celebrations.

Love and Hugs

Lucy, Anna and Sophie

Box of Hugs Founders and sisters

P.s. Whatever the occasion - send your love with a Box of Hugs xox

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