Celebrating Lovely Mum Moments This Mother's Day 2022

We are three sisters  (of five!) Lucy, Anna and Sophie and we started Box of Hugs back in 2017. We love putting gift boxes together for you, reading the amazing and often moving or inspiring messages you are adding and sourcing new and lovely products for you to choose from. Currently we are building up to Mother’s Day - which this year is on the 27 March 2022.

As lockdown and restrictions end (hopefully for good this time), and as spring approaches we are feeling more uplifted and inspired and have been thinking of ways to have fun with our friends and family, whilst also celebrating with our amazing mum. 

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to remember, focus on, celebrate and take time to thank so many wonderful and inspirational mums and mother-figures everywhere, now and through history. As part of this, and in the lead up to Mother’s Day 2022 (UK), we will be focusing on our favourite Mum-Moments from our childhood. 

Our most memorable childhood Mum-Moments would not be complete without mentioning what an amazing cook our mother was. Food always played a large role in fun and celebrations for us - from amazing birthday cakes, afternoon teas and puddings to roasts she used to cook. With the Aga and large family table, the kitchen really was the heart of our home. Many a happy afternoon was spent in the kitchen baking cakes and biscuits and treats with her (mainly so we could lick the spoon), and now, as mum’s ourselves, baking with our own kids or them baking with ‘granny’. 

In the lead up to Mother’s Day 2022, we will be sharing some of our favourite food-related Mum-Moments and recipes with you. We will be revisiting some tried and tested recipes and mixing things up a little by trying out new and varied alternatives for some of our favourite treats. Our plan - to practice the recipes ready for a big afternoon tea-party for our mum (and ourselves) on Mothering Sunday on 27th March.

Here is a taster of some of the recipes we will be testing and sharing with you (as, it’s a hard life sometimes :-)) for you to try out with your kids, family and friends:

- Hungarian biscuits (chocolate fork biscuits)
- Viennese swirl biscuits
- 1-2-3 biscuits to decorate
- Lolly biscuits with lemon icing
- Scones (with a few twists)

What are some of your favourite Mum-Moments?

Play and fun are amazing ways of reducing stress, increasing creativity and feeling more connected to others. How could you have fun whilst celebrating your mum or mother-figure and creating some new Mum-Moments with your family, friends, kids - or grandkids - in the build up to this Mother’s Day? 

We'll be sharing our creations/re-creations on Facebook and Instagram over the next few weeks so please come and join us on our trip down memory lane. 

Need a Mother's Day gift idea?

Our new 2022 Mother's Day gift collection has been massively inspired by our memories of lovely afternoon teas and garden time with our mum, we've also popped in a few other treats we know will be on her list.  So if you're looking for lovely gift ideas to send to your mum or mother-figure this Mother's Day to show them how much you love and appreciate them then have a look at some of our ready made Mother's Day gifts, or create your own Box of Hugs with gifts they will really love.  

We hope you enjoy our recipes, stories and new gift ideas as much as we love sharing them with you.

With lots of love and hugs Lucy, Anna and Sophie xox

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