Build An Easter Afternoon Tea Gift Box

Build an Easter Afternoon Tea Gift BoxWell you can never have enough afternoon tea. So, after a delicious Mother’s Day picnic, Easter seems like another great excuse for a tea party - although any time really is great for an afternoon tea party. Today we’re going to update you on our Mother’s Day afternoon tea and highlight some delicious treats you might want to include in a ‘build your own’ afternoon tea treat Box of Hugs for your friends and family this Easter.

We’d been discussing for what seems like years - and probably was years thanks to covid - having a full-on family afternoon tea party with lots of biscuits and bites that remind us of our childhood. Sharing recipes with you over the past few weeks for some of the most memorable treats our mum used to bake when we were young provided us with the perfect excuse to make (and eat) lots of sweet treats including:  

* Hungarian/fork biscuits - See our Easy Chocolate Fork Biscuit Recipe

As our afternoon tea turned into more of a picnic and also a birthday celebration for our youngest sister - we chose to focus on Hungarian (Fork) biscuits and 1-2-3 biscuits for our Mother’s Day picnic lunch in Stowe park. We went ahead in spite of the weather turning from the warmth of summer to the cold wind-chill of winter overnight. It was great fun though. 

Rather than sandwiches - and in addition to our yummy biscuits - Anna’s partner made his signature dish of sausage plait (it’s delicious) - and a vegetarian version for our mum - with cold baked beans (people say it’s weird to eat cold beans but we were brought up eating them and think they taste best that way ). Our youngest sister brought homemade scotch eggs, Lucy made some coronation chicken and she and her daughters made a chocolate birthday cake in the shape of a hedgehog, covered in lots of chocolate buttons. There was also a huge array of crisps and other snacks and it turned into quite a feast.

With Easter approaching, our thoughts have once again turned to food and treats (quite usual for our family). However, having spent time baking and practicing recipes for Mother’s Day, we thought this time we’d focus on delicious treats we’ve got on our site that we - and you - could put together for an Easter afternoon tea treat for friends and family without having to spend all week in the kitchen  (although it feels very thinking about picnics while it’s so chilly outside - where has spring gone).

Whilst we can’t provide the sandwiches or the sausage plait, we can help you with most of the rest. Here are just some of our popular treats for you to choose from:

The English Tea Company Scone mix and Strawberry Jam:

English Cream Tea Company Scone Mix Afternoon tea wouldn’t be the same without scones with cream and jam and this scone mix takes all the hassle out of making them. Simply add 2 medium eggs and 12g melted butter to the scone mix and in less than 20 minutes you’ve got 4 delicious scones ready to eat. Fill them with jam and butter, cream or clotted cream. We’re not going to get into the argument of jam on cream or cream on jam though.

Tray Bake Chocolate Tiffin:

Traybakes Chocolate Tiffin Cake

Omg once you’ve eaten a bite of this it’s very hard to stop. With deep, rich chocolate that melts in your mouth and crunchy biscuit chunks, its simply delicious. We also have caramel shortcake and salted caramel brownie Tray Bakes. These are ideal for one or to share between two. Sweet and tasty, they’re great with a cup of tea.


Cartwright & Butler Chocolate Chunk Biscuits:

Cartwright and Butler Chocolate Chunk BiscuitsWith a crunch and then a burst of chocolate, these are one of our other sister’s favourites and we have to lock the cupboard whenever she comes to the warehouse. Whether you savour them on their own or dunk them in your tea, we really think they are very satisfying. 
Not sure about milk chocolate chunk? We’ve got a range of other biscuits to choose from including: 
* strawberry and white chocolate 
* gluten free oat 
* original shortbread
* shortbread with lemon 
* triple chocolate biscuits twin packs (which are Anna’s favourites)
Biscuit selection on Box of Hugs

Cartwright & Butler Cheese Straws or cheese biscuits:

Cartwright and Butler Cheese StrawsAll of our family loves cheese straws and cheese biscuits and these are a delicious savoury addition to any afternoon tea spread.


Tea selection on Box of HugsYou’re going to need something to cut through all the sweetness and richness so what better way than with a lovely cup of tea.
Choose from:

- English Teashop Loverly motherly tea
- Teapigs Everyday Brew or Calm Tea
- Teapigs You’re Amazing Tea selection


Bottega Prosecco and Keeprs Raspberry GinFor an extra bubbly treat, why not add a bottle of Prosecco. Choose from Bottega Rose Gold or Bottega Gold for a glass for one, or Harrow & Hope Brut Reserve for a bottle to share . Simply chill and serve 

Or : as an alternative - try Keepr’s Rhubarb and Honey Gin or Toast Pale Ale 

Easter addition:

For an extra Easter feel, add a bag of speckled chocolate mini eggs or a Milk Chocolate Dazzled Large Easter Egg.
Job done - though with so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know where to stop. 

Wishing you, your friends, family and loved ones all a very happy Easter holiday.
With love and hugs xox
Lucy, Anna and Sophie

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