Build a Mother's Day Gift Box

Build a Mother's Day Box of Hugs

Building a Mother's Day Box filled with treats and sending it with a personalised heart-felt message is the perfect way to thank the mums and mother-figures in your life and to let them know how much you love them. But, where do you start?

We, the Box of Hugs founding sisters,  are never sure what to get our mum, but we definitely know what not to get her - ‘No clothes, shoes or scarves please’ is a familiar thing we hear from her each birthday and Christmas. Maybe we’ve given her too many over the years - like we did when we gave her walnut whips or shell chocolates every year because she once said she liked them.

However, with 5 of us girls and our dad, that’s a lot of different presents to find. It’s challenging to come up with new Mother's Day gift ideas when her wish list consists of a leaf blower, an electric drill and a new garden hose. Not exactly thoughtful gifts to buy. It’s not at all that she’s ungrateful, it’s that she truly believes she doesn’t need much.

So, last time she came into the Box of Hugs warehouse to help us dispose of a load of cardboard, we asked her to look around and see what she’d choose for herself if she was given the option. “Well definitely not a mug” she said, “or a book” (she loves to read but gets all of her books from the library!). “Well what would you choose then mum?” we asked, “we’ll get you something different but we’re just interested in what you’d choose for your own Mother's Day hamper of treats”. She finally opted for chocolates, a lovely pink mug (so much for saying no mug), a rhubarb candle, a Gisela Graham decorative lavender plant in a stone pot and slipper socks. Well, of these, slipper stocks are still definitely on her list.

Could we have guessed what she’d choose? Hmm we probably would have picked similar things, maybe with the addition of a book and a Soulista instant manicure or pedicure.

What about you? Looking through our ready made Mother's Day gift boxes and ‘build your own’ gifts, what would the mums/mother-figures in your life choose if they were to build their own Mother's Day box? Would they choose our pampering treats like our Warmies lavender microwave eyemask, food such as our best selling Cartwright and Butler chocolate chunk biscuits or Cocoba raspberry and champagne truffles, reading books from our range of best selling novels or practical gifts such as hand cream, a jigsaw puzzle or a seedbomb?

Putting together a perfect Mother’s Day Box of Hugs.

We really could make suggestions all day long about what to include in your Mother’s Day Box of Hugs as we love and are very proud of all the gift items we have sourced for you and the companies we are supporting by stocking their products. So, we’re using our mum’s selection as a basis for highlighting some individual items you might want to include in your Mother's Day Box for your mum/mother-figure and why we think they’re great:

1. Chocolates

Sarah Bunton Chocolate SelectionNew to our collection, the Sarah Bunton 6 Chocolate Selection Box made us all go ‘aaaahhh yuuuuummmm’ as we bit through the chocolate coating to be met by a melting middle of flavoured truffle or fillings. They made us feel good just by eating them. A great addition if your mum/mother-figure likes alcohol and fruit flavoured chocolates - just don’t expect her to share them. (These may contain nuts). If she doesn’t, why not opt for the milk, white and dark chocolate Sarah Bunton flowers instead or something else from our lovely chocolate selection.

2. Lavender Decoration

Faux Lavender Potted Plant For Mother's Day

These pretty faux lavender plants in stone pots are so pretty and will be a lovely addition to a window sill, mantle-piece or table. Not only do they look lovely, but lavender represents calm and relaxation and the colours - purple, white and green - are also the colours of International Women’s Day - which is on the 8th March each year and celebrates and highlights women, women’s achievements and women’s rights.


3. Pink Dip Mug

Pink Ombre Glazed MugOoh we think these are so gorgeous. You can’t really appreciate them until you’re holding one in your hands. They’re smaller than some of our other mugs but the wonderful smoothness of the glaze and the rounded shape of the mug really gives you the sense of a hug in your hands. Add one of our Teapigs teas or Gnaw hot chocolate spoons and some of our delicious biscuits (our sisters favourites are the Cartwright and Butler chocolate chunk) for a well deserved ‘me time’ message

4. St Eval Rhubarb Candle

St Eval Rhubarb Candle For Mother's Day

This smells amazing, like sweet rhubarb and the promise of summer in a candle. Light it and let the scent carry your mum/mother-figure away to warmer days as they luxuriate in a warm bath or under a warm shower. Why not add one of our Soulista face masks, pedicures, or manicures for an extra pampering experience or a bubble bath blower, english rose & white geranium mineral bath salts or an uplift shower steamer to really engage their senses.

5. Slipper Socks

Toates Toasties Ladies Fox Slipper Socks for Mother's Day

Whatever the time of year, it’s rarely too warm to slip a pair of Totes slipper socks on. Whether it’s a teddy, a fox or a penguin, they’ll help your mum/mother-figure feel snuggly all year round.

Is there someone grumpy in her life? The grumpy dog Totes slipper socks might make her smile every time she puts them on.


Or something else to complete her Mother's Day Box?

Build a Mother's Day Box of Hugs


Additional gift options we think are great and that you might want to consider:

1. Books

Reading is a great way to relax. Our mum reads every night and whilst she said “no” to a book for Mother’s Day, reading is a really important part of her day and is how she winds down before sleep. We’ve got a range of books to choose from: from murder mystery (such as A Time For Mercy by John Grisham) to  uplifting and well-being books (such as Things you can only see when you slow down by Haemin Sunim). We can’t guarantee they’ll help your mum/mother-figure to go to sleep though - one of our sister’s was up half the night as she couldn’t wait to find out what happened at the end of The Guest List.

2. Foody Bits

You really can’t often go wrong including biscuits, chocolates and other food in your ‘build your own’ Mother's Day gift boxes. Some of our most popular and most delicious treats, even if we do say so ourselves - include Guppy's fudge and biscuit shards (once you’ve tried one you’d better put them away because they are extremely moreish); Cartwright and Butler chocolate chunk biscuits (oh wow, these are delicious and so so satisfying with a biscuit crunch and a chocolate burst in your mouth); Cotswold Fudge Company Butter Fudge (sweet, sweet, sweet - if you’re in need of a sugary boost these really do the trick - crumbly and delicious).

3. Spacemask Eye Mask

One of our most popular products, this single-use Spacemask eye mask cleverly warms up when you put it over your eyes. A lovely way for your mum/mother-figure to breathe and melt the stresses of the day away as the warmth relaxes the muscles around her eyes. Perfect after a day staring at a computer!

Looking for something she can use on a more regular basis? Why not add a Warmies eye mask to your Mother's Day Box - heat in the microwave then lie back and relax and let the combination of heat and lavender soothe her senses.

4. Bampton House Positive Mind and Body Oil

Times have been tough and your mum/mother-figure may be in need of a little pick me up. This lovely Positive Mind & Body Oil is a beautifully balanced oil for mind and body. This supercharged oil uses the restorative powers of Jojoba to nourish and protect the skin, whilst Argon (rich in antioxidants) will leave her skin soft and supple. Whilst she inhales the deep scent of Patchouli and Rose Geranium to balance emotions and relieve anxiety the Sweet Orange will help lift her mood and adds a touch of cheer. 

5. Scarf

Can’t be with your mum/mother-figure this Mother’s Day? A scarf is a great way to send hug when you can’t be there. Soft and long, she’ll think of you every time she wears it. What a great way to be present when you can’t be there in person.

Want something more solid for her to cuddle, why not add one of our very popular Warmies instead.

6. Bubbly

For an extra celebratory feel, why not add one of our small bottles of Bottega Prosecco Sparkling Wine - choose from gold or pink - or opt for a full-size bottle of Harrow & Hope Brut Reserve - English Sparkling Wine, so the whole family (over 18 of course) can join in.

So, over to you. What would the mums/mother-figures in your life love to receive in their Mother's Day Box? What message do you want to send them through your gift? How do you want them to feel when they open their gift? Have a look through our ‘build your own’ options for more inspiration, or opt for one of the lovely ready-made Mother's Day collection of boxes we’ve already designed for you. We’ll ensure your box looks lovely before we send it.

Remember your mum, mother-in-law (past, present or future), friends/family/mums in your life who may need a little reminder of what a great job you think they’re doing, and those who may be feeling sad and reflective that their mum/mother-figure is no longer around.

With love and hugs in the lead up to this very special day,

Lucy, Anna and Sophie xox

P.s. Remember to order your Mother’s Day Box of Hugs in advance so that we can get them delivered on time. We'll add a sticker to the packaging to say “save me for Mother’s Day”. Simply choose Mother’s Day delivery at the checkout. Or have it sent to you to give to them personally on Mother’s Day.

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