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National and World Awareness Days Gift Ideas

Here at Box of Hugs we're always striving to provide you with a wide range of quality and thoughtful gifts to make your gift buying easier and to send your Hugs to your colleagues, family and friends whatever the occasion and to give a boost to their day. However, there are many times throughout the year when we all need Hugs or when a Hug could make a huge difference. A hug might be in the form of a message, a call, an email, a thoughtful act, a gift or a physical hug - but it always comes with an intention of letting someone know you're there for them and that you care. That's why we set up Box of Hugs - as another way to send a Hug when you can't be there in person. In addition to the usual reasons for sending thoughtful giftsBirthdays, New Baby, Sorry for Your Loss, Get Well Soon, You've Got This - there are also hundreds of other reasons to celebrate, have fun and or to simply be aware of yourself, others and/or the World throughout the year. We've highlighted just a small selection of these fun, interesting and important National, UK and World Awareness Days below and we hope they inspire you in the weeks and months ahead :-) 

Did you know that whatever the day, week or month - it's probably an Awareness Day for something - a reason to celebrate or acknowledge it, to feel uplifted or inspired and to contact your friends and family, to be there for each other, to laugh, cry, remember together, make new memories and to connect.

Below we have highlighted just a small selection of literally hundreds of amazing and thoughtful Awareness Days, Fun Days and National or World Days for each month in 2024 - everything from National Tea Day to National Pet Day, International Week of Happiness at Work and Brain Tumour Awareness Days - along with some important key dates - such as ordering dates for Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day and dates for ordering your gifts. 

So... grab a cup of tea and your favourite notebook and a pen or your phone, take a look at our list below and choose some occasions that mean a lot to you, your friends or family and make a plan about how to acknowledge them, things to do and how to make them days, weeks and months to remember :-).  We hope it inspires you :-)   

Awareness Dates In January


Dry January


January 3rd

Festival of Sleep Day

January 15th

Brew Monday

January 18th

Winnie The Pooh Day

January 25th

Burns Night

January 27th

Parent Mental Health Day

Jan 30th - February 6th 

National Storytelling Week
February Gift Ideas

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February 1st

Time To Talk Day


February 13th

Galentine's Day

 February 14th

Valentine's Day
February 17th Random Acts Of Kindness Day
February 24th Emotional Health Day


Awareness Day Gifts For March

Send Easter Gifts

March Brain Tumour Awareness Month
March Walk All Over Cancer
March 1st Employee Appreciation Day
March 2nd National Old Stuff Day Keep, donate, discard
March 4th - 9th National Careers Week
March 4th - 10th British Pie Week
March 8th International Women's Day
March 10th Mothering Sunday
March 15th Red Nose Day For Comic Relief
March 20th Spring Equinox - First Day of Spring
March 20th International Day Of Happiness
March 22nd - March 23rd The Great British Spring Clean
March 31st  Easter Sunday
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April  Stress Awareness Month
April National Pet Month
April 7th World Health Day
April 15th - 21st National Feet Week
April 21st The London Marathon
April 22nd Earth Day
April 25th World Penguin Day
April 29th  National Gardening Week

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May 1st 2024

(Early May Bank Holiday - Monday  6 May 2024)

May Day/ Beltane/International Workers Day
May National Share a Story month
May National Walking month
May Small Business Month
May 1st - 8th Time for a Cuppa week
May 4th National Truffle Day
May 5th World Laughter Day
May 13th - 19th Mental Health Awareness Week
May 13th - June 13th National Smile Month
May 12th Mother's Day including: USA, Australia, Italy
May 13th World Cocktail Day
May 13th  Writing For Health and Healing Day
May 18th - 26th National Donut Week
May 20th - 26th Action For Brain Injury Awareness Week
May 21st World Meditation Day
May 23rd  National Turtle Day
May 24th Hats For Headway
May 29th National Biscuit Day
June 1st - 5th The Big Lunch
June  National Age Without Apology Month
June Pride Month
June 2nd March for Men
June 3rd - 9th UK Clothing Poverty Awareness Week
June 5th - 16th  Walk Together For Bowel Cancer
June 7th National Fish and Chip Day
June 8th Global Wellness Day
June 8th Best Friend Day 
June 10th - 16th Loneliness Awareness Week
June 10th - 16th International Men's Health Week
June 16th Father's Day UK
June 23rd Public Service Day
June 24th - 30th World Wellbeing Week
June 26th  Reserves Day
July National Picnic Month
July 1st - 14th Wimbledon
July 5th Thank You Day
July 7th World Chocolate Day
July 15th - 21st Alcohol Awareness Week
July 24th

International Self-Care Day

July 24th

The Big Listen

24/7 Samaritans Awareness Day

July 24th - August 2nd

Love Parks week
July 30th International Day Of Friendship
August International Happiness Happens Month
August 1st Cycle To Work Day
August 12th - 18th Afternoon Tea Week
August 13th  National Opportunity Day
August 26th National Dog Day
September Organic September
September Sleeptember
October 5th International Day Of Charity
September 13th - 19th Heritage Open Days
September 14th National Doodle Day
September 16th

EveryWoman Day

September 21st International Day Of Peace
September 22nd  Car Free Day
September 23rd  World Dream Day
September 23rd - 29th  International Week of Happiness At Work
September 23rd - 29th National Inclusion Week
September 26th Human Resource Professional Day

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Black History Month


Go Sober For October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

World Menopause Awareness Month

October 1st - 7th National Vegetarian Week
October 3rd  National Poetry Day
October 4th World Smile Day
October 7th  National Brunch Weekend
October 7th - 13th National Work Life Week
October 10th World Mental Health Day
October 14th - 20th Back Awareness Week
October 14th - 20th National Baking Week
October 14th - 20th Chocolate Week
October 15th  Global Wave Of Light
October 16th Boss' Day
October 16th World Food Day
October 18th World Menopause Day
October 27th National Cheese Toastie Day
October 31st - November 2nd  Museums At Night

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November World Vegan Month
November Movember
November 1st World Vegan Day
November 3rd National Sandwich Day
November 3rd - 10th

National Spa Week

November 5th Bonfire Night
November 6th National Stress Awareness Day
November 11th Remembrance Day
November 13th Kindness Day UK
November 11th - 15th Anti-Bullying Week
November 19th Odd Socks Day
November 19th International Men's Day
December  Last orders for UK Christmas Delivery
December Decembeard
December 3rd Giving Day
December 10th Human Rights Day
December 12th National Workplace Remembrance Day
December 13th Christmas Jumper Day
December 24th Christmas Eve
December 25th Christmas Day
December 26th Boxing Day
December 31st  New Years Eve
January 1st New Years Day

(Awareness Days and Dates - sourced from, and other google searches) 

And... if you're looking for even more inspiration, have a look at online resources such as ...

or simply search google e.g. ask.... 'what awareness day is being celebrated today'

(Note: Box of Hugs is not affiliated with and does not endorse any of these websites)

Overall: as human's we all need regular Hugs, but if you can't be there in person a message, call or gift can be another great way of connecting throughout the year.

The Power of a Hug Quote
Whether you live in the UK or abroad - we're always here to deliver your Hugs to their door when you can't be there in person :-). Choose a gift from our 'Ready-made' collection of Letterbox Gifts, Mini Gifts, Regular Gifts and Extra Large Hampers or choose your own gifts in our 'Build your Own' section and create a gift you know they'll love. 

Love and Hugs

Lucy, Anna and Sophie

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