Bespoke Box of Hugs 03-12-18-LW

Bespoke Box of Hugs 03-12-18-LW

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All of the products in our beautiful boxes have been lovingly selected and are hand packed in a keepsake magnetic white box. Each box includes a card, which you can add a personalised message to, making your hug even more special. (You will be asked for this during the checkout stage) 

Card option 1 - Card with poem

You’ve been hugged

A little something to brighten your day,

I’m sending this box of hugs your way,

Packed with love and just to say,

Although I am not there I thought of you today.

Card Option 2 - Card with 'You've been hugged'

Card Option 3 - Card with 'Christmas Hugs'

Here are the products you have chosen for this special box of hugs:

-Men's Badger Slipper Socks
-Milk Chocolate Penguins
-Santa Mug Hugger Biscuit
-Chocolate Fudge
-Seascape Bath Foam
-Ted the Teddy Bear