AMZ -MB-CHR- 30-11-2021

AMZ -MB-CHR- 30-11-2021

Box Of Hugs London

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1 x Magnetic Keepsake Reusable Box

1 x Card (from our selection) with your personal message

1 x St Eval Meditate Candle

1 x Spacemask Self Heating Eye Mask

1 x Bath Steamer - Sleep

1 x Vegan/Gluten Free Dark Chocolate

1 x Calm Tea

1 x Be Kind To Yourself - Inspirational Quotes Desk Flip Book

Total Price of the Box: £43.74 plus £4.99 UK Delivery

Number of Boxes Required: 95

Total Price of the boxes: £4,155

Total Cost of Delivery: £474

Total Price: £4,629 (It will charge you £4.99 at the basket so I have taken this into account with the price shown so you will only pay the £4,629)