One Random Act Of Kindness and The Ripple Effect

Random Acts of Kindness Day

You may have noticed how when someone does something unexpected and kind you can’t help smiling and feeling uplifted. But have you noticed how boosted you feel when you do something kind for someone else?

Random Acts Of Kindness Day occurs every year in February and is part of Random Acts Of Kindness Week. What could you aim to do to bring more joy or an unexpected boost to someone’s day/week? 

Last weekend our mum had a stall at a table top sale. One of our young daughters went to sell some sweets in mugs she’d put together and was very excited about her next step into entrepreneurship. Saying she hadn’t had any breakfast ….. hmmm ;-). ‘Granny’ took her to a table selling bread and pastries. Of course she wanted the biggest thing on the table - a baguette - but was persuaded to get something a little smaller. She was disappointed but agreed.

Some friends were very generous in supporting her by buying her mugs and sweets. As they were tidying up at the end of the morning, the man from the bread stall came over and handed her one of the baguettes. Her eyes almost stood out on stalks as she accepted his very kind gesture. She wanted to thank him back and took some chocolates over to his wife, who looked even more surprised. She realised it felt good to give things to others and decided that she wanted to hand out all of the remaining bags of sweets she’d put together but hadn’t sold. She proceeded to give one to each table in the room, which resulted in lots of smiles, with hers being the biggest of all.

Observing this was a reminder of how one small act of kindness can prompt further unexpected acts of kindness that spread moments of joy and gratitude outwards like ripples from a small pebble dropped into a still pond.

Acting kindly is a positive part of what it is to be human and it can give a boost to you and others in unexpected ways. We often won’t know what’s going on in someone’s life and may never know the positive impact our act of kindness has had on them and how the effects may ripple outwards later, even if they don’t seem grateful at the time.

What could you aim to do this week? It really doesn’t matter how big or small your random acts of kindness are, what matters is that you’re taking time to think of others and acting with a generous and kind spirit, not expecting anything in return. 

Let’s all be more aware this Random Acts Of Kindness Day and make a difference to someone, such as;
  • smiling at the person on the checkout and asking how their day is going
  • giving a friend or relative a hug, a call or sending them a gift ‘just because’
  • walking a neighbour's dog
  • taking time to slow down and talk to a colleague you haven’t spoken to for ages
  • contributing to someone’s fundraising campaign that touches your heart.

Are there people in your life who you know are struggling or who you haven’t spoken to for ages? A Box of Hugs is a lovely way to brighten someone's day and let them know you’re thinking of them. You never know the impact it may have.

As part of Random Acts of Kindness Week, Box of Hugs will be donating 50p from every box sold between Thursday 17th and midnight  (GMT) on Sunday 20th February 2022 to The Brain Tumour Charity, a charity that is very close to our hearts.

Wishing you all a happy Random Acts Of Kindness Week. 

With love and hugs,

Lucy, Anna and Sophie xox

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